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Hank forcing Bobby to smoke a complete carton of cigarettes in "Maintaining With Our Joneses" after catching the latter smoke just one cigarette feels like a preposterous punishment, appropriate? Really, this was disturbingly genuine punishment For some time.

A number of Dale's conspiracy theories (such as his rant with regard to the gold fringe with a U.S. flag indicating an Admiralty Court docket, and that he's not subject to its jurisdiction) are determined by true, regarded conspiracies. And Sure, They are really equally as nonsensical and untrue in genuine life.

Legislation of Inverse Fertility: Hank and Peggy commit to have A different boy or girl, Even with fertility problems, and Cotton and Didi finish up obtaining Expecting accidentally Soon thereafter. This is certainly lampshaded by Peggy shortly following G.H. is born, whilst she can also be in an entire-physique Solid:

Anthony Page within the pilot. He's quickly prepared to leap to conclusions depending on hugely circumstantial proof to suppose that Bobby is being abused, refuses to feel just about anything any member of your Hills or any of the neighbors says usually, and with none form of lawful proceedings tries to have Bobby taken absent and sent to foster treatment. In such a case at the least, nobody

Garden take care of Hank. The day Bobby was born Hank purchased a whetstone, to generally be presented to him when he will become a teenager. The whetstone is for sharpening mower blades, which can be what Bobby is to try and do each Saturday right up until he has revealed himself being liable enough to mow the lawn.

Damaged Aesop: In "Texas Skilsaw Massacre", Hank accidentally cuts off Dale's finger and ought to choose anger administration classes to get rid of a restraining order. He commences taking the lessons seriously and passes following he sees someone else in the class rage himself right into a coronary heart assault, but when Dale, Bill and Boomhauer dig a tunnel beneath the street and therefore are about to be run above by a garbage truck, Hank has an excellent even worse rage outburst for getting them to depart the tunnel.

a jerkass, he can be extremely swift to toss his family and friends under the bus to save his possess skin, can hold some pretty petty grudges, plus some of his extra harebrained schemes might be shockingly inconsiderate or outright hazardous to his pals with tiny problem on his section.

Comedian-Book Time: Notable here for the reason that no person ever will get any more mature, nevertheless at 1 place, Hank explicitly says that Luanne had been in class for 2 a long time by that time, giving a definite amount of time that has handed. Bobby can be a rather Unusual instance, in that he does

In "Yankee Hankee", Inspite of even now currently being in boxer shorts, Hank suggests "I've got to cover my nudity!" and runs into your Alamo.

). The typeface of indicators suffered from this switch, as they no longer seemed blended in While using the animation.

Hank was mistaken for gay in polar king glasses "Be Correct to the Idiot" following he sees a doctor to obtain his "Invoice" tattoo eradicated. The physician warns Hank that tattoo elimination is an extended and unpleasant process and asks if it would be much easier to just "get the job done items out using this Monthly bill."

Fingore: In "The Texas Skillsaw Massacre", Hank unintentionally saws off among Dale's fingers even though distracted by The person's criticisms of his woodwork (total by using a shot of the severed finger to the wood, however curled all-around Dale's cigarette). This kicks the anger administration plot into motion, as well as briefly causes a rift involving the two.

Performed straight in "I Recall Mono". Peggy is dismayed to learn the Tale of hers and Hank's blossoming love is based with a lie. Hank advised her that he threw out his again taking part in football when Actually he experienced mono. Peggy realizes the true probability that Hank cheated on her given that she hardly ever had mono.

Cotton Is that this to Peggy when he coaches her back again by rehabilitation pursuing her skydiving accident. He even tells her that if she will be able to stroll up the cemetery hill exactly where his burial plot is situated, she will dance with him on his grave. She does make it, plus they do.

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